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Pixel And Resolution Notes

1.The specific color that a pixel has is a blend of three elements of the color spectrum red, green, blue.

2  Take the height and with and times them then round For example:2048 pixels wide ×1536 pixels high = 3,145,728 pixels We round it up to 3.2 megapixels.

3 .P.P.I. is pixels per inch. pixels per inch is a way to say how many little pixels can fit in a inch.

4.  12 inches high by 8.5 inches wide.

5. thumbnail-150 x 100 medium- 300 x 200 large- 660 x 440 full size 5184 x 3456

6. 1.5184 x 3456  2.5000 x 3500

7.5184 x 3456 before

8. 5000 x 3500 after

9.  2

Garrett Hagel’s biography

  1. Garrett’s [superman] father is Channing Tatum and his mother is Brittney snow. he was born in  Antarctica. he was raised by penguins.
  2. Some guys found him in Antarctica and they were taking pictures of penguins  and they thought him to take photos
  3.  A accomplishment he will be remembered for is  well he plays for the Oakland Raiders he has a mini camera in his helmets so he can take some amazing pictures
  4.  One of my favorite pictures  that Garrett took  Garrett is the picture of Logan  Kendall  flexing his muscles.

Shutter Notes

  1.  In photography  shutter speed or exposure time is the length of time when the film or digital sensor inside the camera is exposed to light, also when a camera’s shutter is open when taking a photo.
  2. The sensor inside the camera.
  3. You control how fast the shutter speed is TV mode the camera selects the other settings.
  4. 1/8000th of a second
  5. A 30 second shutter blurs the picture.
  6. 1/4000th of a second is the best shutter speed to get a picture of a skate- boarder.
  7.  A good number setting to capture a blurry picture of a waterfall  is 30 seconds.
  8. If you use a slow shutter speed on a sunny day the picture will be all white because the longer of a shutter seed the more light will come in.
  9. The measurement unit for shutter speed is seconds
  10.  when we took  pictures in the dark the 1/4000 was darker than the 1/125 because the 1/125 is a longer shutter speed so it let more light in.

Focusing notes

  1. Focus is the degree of clarity in which the eye produces an image.
  2. Makes a Photo less  blurry.
  3. Turning the lens of the camera brings the images together (each sensor sees the picture) focusing the picture.
  4. How to focus in automatic mode: hold the shutter button halfway down and the picture will focus.
  5. If the subject is off center with the automatic focus mode, they camera may focus on the background.
  6. The steps to focusing on an off centered subject are #1: have the subject in the middle of the camera and focused 2: slowly move the camera to off center the subject but keeping the focus on them, 3, take the photo.
  7. You can adjust the focusing ring on the lens barrel by twisting.8.
  8. Depth of field- the amount of distance between the nearest and farthest objects that appear in acceptably sharp focus

Ambience vs Lighting

  1. Ambiance works in landscape,closeup,sport,night,portrait and creative auto.
  2. On the quick control  screen press the Q button and the up and down arrows.
  3. In vivid mode the subject is given a sharp vivid look. In monochrome you can selected a monochrome color to set it to.
  4. To match the lighting condition or scene type the picture will look more accurate to your eyes.
  5. press Q and the 10 time button and the up and down arrows to select lighting
  6. The  camera  symbol
  7. When you are in the shade
  8. 1.Flash sets the camera back to default. 2. The Live View image will not look like the actual photo.
  9. leave it in the box so it wont be damaged

Composition Study

This picture  captures golden ratio. In the left o the picture is empty space but when you travel to the far right of the picture is were the football player stands therefore that makes the picture  fall under the golden ratio category.


This picture also showcases the golden ratio because she is at the edge of the picture and the rest of the picture is landscape.
IMG_2711This picture showcases the triangle composition. Her hands are the base of the triangle and her forehead is the top of the triangle.IMG_3211

This picture also shows triangle composition.her hands are the base of the triangle and her forehead is the top of the triangle.


This picture shows the rule of thirds.The logo sits right on the intersecting points of the rule of third’s lines. IMG_3188

This picture also shows the rule of thirds .The barn sits right on the bottom horizontal 3rd line.


This is a example of diagonals the white lines on the field create a dramatic effect.


This picture also shows the diagonal effect. the tree is at an angle which makes it look more dramatic.

The role of composition in photos.

Composition is  arrangement of the parts of a picture in relation to each other and to the whole photograph.   triangular structure occurs in photos structure because of  perspective.Diagonals create dramatic effect . The rule of thirds means the picture is divided into nine equal parts by two  equally spaced  vertical lines and two equally spaced horizontal lines. important elements of the picture should be placed along the lines or on the intersections.  The  4 visual qualities of composition are harmony, dynamic arrangement, positioning and framing.  framing is placing the subject of the picture inside the rectangular format. this picture shows the rule of thirds because the mounton sits right on the second line.cropped-imgp071212.jpg